[mod_python] need help solving some performance issues

Sean Allen sean at monkeysnatchbanana.com
Thu Apr 10 13:51:14 EDT 2008

> The application is much more popular than it was when it was built  
> and I am
> now encountering some performance problems.  Specifically the CPU  
> seems to be
> the bottleneck.  The machine has 2 gigs of ram and a single  
> processor.  Ram
> doesn't seem to be a problem.  When examining top output, I see that  
> every
> once in a while a process comes along and sucks down 10%-20% of the  
> cpu.  A
> handful of these processes can (and regularly do) consume the whole  
> CPU.

This could be a really dumb question but... are end users seeing these  
performance problems?

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