[mod_python] Trouble with Apache 2.0.54 and Python 2.5.1

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 06:24:31 EDT 2007

What was the name of the mod_python installer  you used? Did you
definitely use the version for Apache 2.0/Python 2.5?

Is there any other python25.dll files on your system anywhere? Some
third party Windows applications use Python internally and provide
their own python25.dll. If that is in a directory on PATH found before
the system directory version, it can cause a failure.

Other than that, only other suggestion is that if running Apache as
service, that the user it runs as has adequate permissions to read
mod_python and Python installed files.


On 18/09/2007, David Moorhouse <python at moorhouse.net.nz> wrote:
> I'm running Apache 2.0.54 on Win XP and have installed Python 2.5.1 (in
> C:\python25) and mod_python 3.3.1
> I've added the following line to httpd.conf
> LoadModule python_module modules/mod_python.so
> When I restart Apache from the Apache Monitor I get an error
> "The requested operation has failed !"
> The error.log shows
> "Syntax error on line 178 of E:/Apache Group/Apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
> Cannot load E:/Apache Group/Apache2/modules/mod_python.so into server: The
> specified procedure could not be found.  "
> mod_python.so is in the /modules sub directory.  python25.dll, msvcr71.dll
> and msvcp71.dll are in the windows/system32 directory.
> Here's the versions of the files
> msvcp71.dll     7.10.3077.0
> msvcr71.dll     7.10.6030.0
> python25.dll    2.5.1150.1013
> mod_python.so
> The environment variable "path" is
> C:\python25;E:\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\bin;C:\Documents and Settings\All
> Users\Documents\RAD
> Studio\5.0\Bpl;E:\Borland\Delphi7\Bin;E:\Borland\Delphi7\Projects\Bpl\;E:\COMMON~1\Borland\Debugger\Bin;C:\PROGRAM
> FILES\THINKPAD\UTILITIES;%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;E:\QuickTime\QTSystem\;E:\Subversion\bin;E:\LonWorks\bin;C:\Program
> Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin;E:\PC-Doctor for Windows\services;C:\Program
> Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel
> I have installed everything as "administrator".  Prior to installing
> mod_python (or if I comment out the LoadModule line) Apache runs fine.
> One funny thing I did notice was the ordinal numbers on the import section
> of mod_python.so are slightly different to the ordinals in the export
> section of python25.dll and msvcr71.dll.  Whether this makes a difference
> I'm not sure.
> Finally, my registry has the following entries under this key
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\2.5\InstallPath =
> C:\Python25\
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Python\PythonCore\2.5\PythonPath =
> C:\Python25\Lib;C:\Python25\DLLs;C:\Python25\Lib\lib-tk
> As you can see I'm a bit stuck.  Can anyone shed any light or point me in
> the right direction.
> Thanks
> D
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