[mod_python] Problems with Apache

Stefan Schulze algroth at gmx.de
Wed Oct 24 22:32:16 EDT 2007

Hi there...

I'm trying to teach my apache-server to understand python. The Apache 2.2.6
runs on NetBSD 3.1 with Python 2.4.4. I compiled the mod_python 3.2.10 with
pkgsrc and nothing strange happens while building the the lib. But when I
add "LoadModule python_module lib/httpd/mod_python.so" to my httpd.conf I
get lots of errors in the startup-log: [notice] mod_python: Creating 8
session mutexes based on 256 max processes and 0 max threads. [notice]
mod_python: using mutex_directory /tmp [error] (28)No space left on device:
mod_python: Failed to create global mutex 5 of 8 (/tmp/mpmtx208245). [error]
mod_python: We can probably continue, but with diminished ability to process
session locks. [error] mod_python: Hint: On Linux, the problem may be the
number of available semaphores, check 'sysctl kernel.sem'

On /tmp is lots of space and it's seems not to be a permission-problem,
because the user pgsql can create files there. Everybody has "rwt"-rights on

"sysctl kernel.sem" results in "sysctl: top level name 'kernel' in
'kernel.sem' is invalid".
Can anybody give me a hint how to solve this problem?


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