[mod_python] ValueError: Failed to acquire global mutex lock

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 07:39:55 EDT 2007

On 23/10/2007, Michael Robokoff <mike.robokoff at apioutsourcing.com> wrote:
> [Thu Oct 18 07:37:38 2007] [notice] mod_python: Creating 8 session mutexes
> based on 6 max processes and 25 max threads.

BTW, what did you end up setting mod_python.mutex_locks to? If you use
4 like I said, then it can't have been in correct part of Apache
configuration, outside of all VirtualHost, as error log still shows '8
session mutexes'.

if you can't get this to work, you might rebuild mod_python and
specific --with-max-locks=4 option to configure to force lower value
to be compiled in.


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