[mod_python] mod_python and connection to database.

Rodion rodion at infobot.pl
Sun Oct 7 12:50:12 EDT 2007


Sorry for my poor english. Here is my mod_python code. This is a simple 
URL shorter:

from mod_python import apache, util
import psycopg2 as psycopg

def handler(req):
     req.content_type = "text/plain"
     url_id = req.args
     connection = psycopg.connect("dbname=my_db")
     cursor = connection.cursor()
     cursor.execute("""SELECT myurl FROM urls WHERE myid=%s""",(url_id))
     original_url = cursor.fetchone()[0]
     req.status = apache.DONE
     return apache.DONE

This programme connects database everytime, but I want(need) force him 
to connect it continously

This script connects database everytime (psycopg.connect("dbname=my_db") 
, but I nedd force to stay conneceted with it continously. It is 
possible to make that in mod_python ? I have mod_python 3.2.10

Thanks in advance.

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