[mod_python] Mailman HTML templates to include PSP

Anastasios Hatzis ah at hatzis.de
Wed Nov 28 06:21:21 EST 2007


I run two web-sites on Apache and mod_python (Debiab 4 current stable). I 
would like to integrate the PSP chunks of these websites into the HTML 
templates of Mailman 2.1.9 which I use for all lists on these sites.

The patterns on all Web-pages of the sites is like this:


<%@ include file="head.psp"%>
    Some content
<%@ include file="sidebar.psp"%>
<%@ include file="foot.psp"%>

head.psp contains the top-level navigation which changes rather often. 
sidebar.psp is context-sensitive for each page.
foot.psp is on all pages the same and changes are rare.

Each site has multiple lists. The mailman pages are in 

The same is for www.bar.org.

I would like to integrate the corresponding PSP files into the mailman HTML 
templates. For now I have copied and pasted the static HTML rendered by the 
PSP files into the HTML templates of the mailman lists.

Since I don't want to copy & paste into the mailman templates each time the 
PSP chunks do change I would prefer a dynamic approach that works like the 
rest of my sites.

Any idea how I can include the PSP chunks into the mailman HTML templates - or 
an alternative with the same effect?

Thank you.

Best regards,
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