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Date: 21 nov. 2007 20:39
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Hi all of you,

I'm new to modpython and I'm actually facing some problem when trying to
upload file.... I've read a lot but have not found any answer...

Here is my HTML of my form:

<form action=Upload2.py method=Post

<input type=
"file" name="file" value=""><
div class="button"><input type=
"submit" name="submit" value="Rechercher" class="submit" /></div></

and here is Upload2 function:

def Upload2(req):
    timer = ExecTime()
    myPage = page.Page(req,"Ajouter une photo")
    fileitem = req.form['file']
    myPage.add("Type is :" + str(type(fileitem)) + "<br />")
    if fileitem.filename:
        import os
        # strip leading path from file name to avoid directory traversal
        fname = os.path.basename(fileitem.filename)
        # build absolute path to files directory
        dir_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(req.filename), 'files')
        open(os.path.join(dir_path, fname), 'wb').write( fileitem.file.read
        myPage.add("The file" + fname)
        myPage.add('No file was uploaded')
    myPage.execTime = timer.stop()

myPage being a class to generate the page....

and here is the result...:
Type is :
No file was uploaded{'submit': [Field('submit', 'Rechercher')], 'file':
[Field('file', '08 - Big Furry Head.m4a')]}

Does someone have any idea of what's going wrong????

It would be really great because it's actually 4 day's I'm trying to find an
answer but without any succes...

I promise you I'have really search a lot before sending you this email....

Thanks a lot for your answers!


--  :-) Simon Rolin ;-)  --
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