[mod_python] How declared correctly the way in the pg.html to the apache server can resolv the script python correctly

EdgardCosta edgardalvescosta at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 21:05:49 EST 2007


Everything is under control??

Well the first problem with the pages is solved.

To the friends that will read all the messages i have to say that: the
mod_python is very smart. We don't have to write a several pages to show
each one.

In each function that we define, example: def 1(), def 2(), when we
write in the browser: www.domain/file/anything.py/1 show the pages
defined by function def(1). If def 2 () is so diferent of the 1, the
user will think that is a new one.

In relation to the form the mod_python works in the same way. We don't
have to write the form and the page with the response. The both are in
the same file. After the user submit something the function that have to
resolve the form's variables and show it like a new page.

Well, back to my trouble. I didn't get my form resolved. Now with the
rewrite the form and the response in the same file 
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