[mod_python] How declared correctly the way in the pg.html to the apache server can resolv the script python correctly

EdgardCosta edgardalvescosta at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 07:35:06 EST 2007

Friends mod_python,

I'm new in mod_python.

I made some simples scripts and run then in apache server without
troubles. But, whem i tryied rum html pages with forms, something goes

In the tutorial says: <form action="form.py/email" method="POST">, where
form.py is the script, and email is the function. All right. My form
declaration: <form name="form1" method="post"
action="testepython.py/form1"><label>primeiro numero</label>,where
testepython is the script and form1 is the function. 

In my browser when a run the url:http://anything/form.html, the apache
returns to my a 404 error. In the log I have: File does not
exist: /net/www/testepython.py, referer:

Ok, the error says that the script doesn't is in the wwwroot. But the
folder in the configuration is wwwroot/python. 

How can i write the declartion in the form.html, thats could resolve the
script python?

Edgard Costa <edgardalvescosta at gmail.com>

EdgardCosta <edgardalvescosta at gmail.com>

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