[mod_python] Re: Session problems with 3.3.1

elias.collas at gulfstream.com elias.collas at gulfstream.com
Tue Nov 6 17:12:21 EST 2007

It's always great when I can solve my own issues just seconds after posting
to the list. It's like murphy's law or something.

Anyway, I was saving only dictionaries to the session, but I was saving
form values as req.form['key'] which of course are StringField objects.
Apparently, with 3.3.1 you can't even pickle mod_python objects. The fix
was to use req.form['key'].value and all was well.

I swear I stared at this for hours and it only dawned on me what to try
after posting for help.

> TypeError: can't pickle StringO objects
> Can you shed any light? Thanks for your time.

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