[mod_python] Upgrading 3.2.10 -> 3.3.1

elias.collas at gulfstream.com elias.collas at gulfstream.com
Mon Nov 5 15:30:05 EST 2007

I've checked the list archives and the mod_python FAQ but now it's time to
ask the experts:

I'm trying to upgrade to version 3.3.1 without breaking my production
3.2.10 server. Here are my specifics:

Apache 2.2.0
Python 2.4.3

I'm attempting to run a Virtual Host with an apache configured with
mod_python 3.3.1. Here's my .htaccess file. Most of the paths are symbolic
links to the python2.4 site-packages directory etc. I'm trying to avoid
loading anything with sys.path but something's not right.

SetHandler mod_python
PythonPath "['/cluster/stress/methods/downloads/mod_python-3.3.1
/lib/python', \
    '/cluster/stress/u308168/site-python/simplejson-1.4-py2.4.egg', \
    '/cluster/stress/u308168/site-python/lib-dynload', \
    '/cluster/stress/u308168/site-python/Numeric', \
    '/cluster/stress/u308168/site-python', \
PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
PythonOption mod_python.session.session_type DbmSession
PythonOption mod_python.dbm_session.database_directory /scratch/u308168
PythonDebug On
PythonOption data_path /cluster/stress/methadmin/jfat/ncdata
<FilesMatch "\.(gif|jpe?g|png|css|js|tmpl)$">
   SetHandler default-handler

When I run this, it appears that the mod_python is still loading the old
apache module. Here's the error I get:

Mod_python error: "PythonHandler mod_python.publisher"

Traceback (most recent call last):

 line 299, in HandlerDispatch
    result = object(req)

  File "/cluster/stress/methods/downloads/mod_python-3.3.1
/lib/python/mod_python/publisher.py", line 204, in handler
    module = page_cache[req]

  File "/cluster/stress/methods/downloads/mod_python-3.3.1
/lib/python/mod_python/cache.py", line 82, in __getitem__
    return self._checkitem(name)[2]

  File "/cluster/stress/methods/downloads/mod_python-3.3.1
/lib/python/mod_python/cache.py", line 124, in _checkitem
    value = self.build(key, name, opened, entry)

  File "/cluster/stress/methods/downloads/mod_python-3.3.1
/lib/python/mod_python/publisher.py", line 77, in build
    return ModuleCache.build(self, key, req, opened, entry)

  File "/cluster/stress/methods/downloads/mod_python-3.3.1
/lib/python/mod_python/cache.py", line 371, in build
    exec opened in module.__dict__

  File "/cluster/stress/u308168/public_html/gflat/snlife/index.py", line 7,
in ?
    model = apache.import_module('../gflat.py')##, log=1)

 line 461, in import_module
    f, p, d = imp.find_module(parts[i], path)

ImportError: No module named

Any suggestions?

Elias Collas
Stress Methods Group
Gulfstream Aerospace Corp

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