[mod_python] Re: Sending text/xml in a POST request gives "501 Method not implemented"

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Thu May 31 19:43:56 EDT 2007

On 01/06/07, Gambit <gambit at alpenjodel.de> wrote:
> Thanks for the information. This is very helpful, too bad it is bad news.
> It seems this is related to the publisher handler rather than either
> Apache or mod_python so I guess it could be possible to write my own
> handler to allow this (which I've never done before, the publisher has
> been good enough to me, until now.)
> But... perhaps someone else has already written a custom handler for
> these purposes?
> Otherwise I guess I'll have to run a separate process to accept those
> requests, perhaps using Python's BaseHTTPServer...

There is no need to use a separate process. Do something like:

  <Location /path/to/xml/consumer>
  SetHandler mod_python
  PythonHandler ~/some/path/to/handler/module.py

If not using mod_python 3.3, the handler would need to refer by module
name rather than path.

You could then write a custom handler of your own for processing just
the post request and still use publisher for everything else.


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