[mod_python] Multiple loading of same module with winnt MPM

simon holness simon.holness at gmail.com
Fri May 11 05:22:46 EDT 2007

Hi, I'm the guy who knocked up the quick fix. Yes, I think you're
quite right and the fix is also not correct.

The problem appears to essentially be that a whole load of processing
is happening on the 'cache' object while it isn't locked.

There's always a severe danger/headache in trying to mesh two locks like this.

Do you know if there's a reason that "_lock1" is used to lock out the
entire of _reload_required(), rather than swapping to the use of
cache.lock ? Is it to do with the processing of the cache's children?
or the call to _check_module() ?

The correct solution looks, to me, like all of the processing of the
cache object should be guarded by its lock, and not by the
_ModuleCache's _lock1. I'm not familiar enough with the code to decide
if that's practicable or correct, though.


> Your change narrows the chance of the problem happening but does not
> eliminate it completely. Also, it circumvents the whole two level
> locking scheme designed to avoid slow downs in a multithreaded system.
> In other words, when a module has to be imported you block all other
> threads being able to load modules which don't require an actual
> import. Also, I suspect the change will also cause a deadlock when a
> module being imported in turn tries to use apache.import_module() as
> the locks aren't reentrant by the same thread.
> More later.
> Graham

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