[mod_python] Re: Textbooks on psp programming?

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 17:24:52 EST 2007

There are no published books available on mod_python or PSP
programming, and no I have no intention of writing one.

The best you can do is to do a Google search for 'mod_python PSP'. If
you dig through the results you will find references to the mod_python
documentation plus a few articles which people have written which talk
about PSP. You should also search for the archives of the mailing list
by plugging in 'PSP' in the search box on the mod_python web site.

For help, ensure you are subscribed to the mod_python mailing list and
ask your questions there.


On 29/03/07, Mark <mctse at vodamail.co.za> wrote:
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> Dear mod_python guru.
> I taught myself how to program with php and would love to learn how to
> use mod_python.  I learned php from an excellent book called php4 for
> beginners (after all that's exactly what I was - and am as regards
> python -) and would greatly appreciate it if you could refer me to an
> equivalent book on psp programming.
> Kindest regards
> Mark Coetsee
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