[mod_python] session variable value (partially) dissapearing

Detmar Meurers dm at ling.ohio-state.edu
Thu Mar 29 14:02:33 EST 2007

Dear Martijn (et al.),

I think I found what the problem was - and the loss of session data
apparently was related to properly saving it, as you and Graham had
suggested: For some of the possible paths through my code doing
partial page updates, the session did not get saved - i.e., I was
missing some req.session.save() calls in the sub-functions handling
those AJAX requests. 

Thanks for the replies - it's great to know there is a community one
can discuss such issues with!


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On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 02:12:11PM +0200, Martijn Moeling wrote:
    Are you properly saving the session at every request?
    # Created session like this:
    # req.session = Session.Session(req)
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    Onderwerp: Re: [mod_python] session variable value (partially)
    Detmar Meurers wrote:
    > Hi Graham,
    > Thanks for the very quick reply.
    > The page showing the problem actually is using the publisher handler
    > (so no special exception handling etc.)
    > I tried the FileSession and the problem occurs there too - and I'm
    > not doing any calling of unlock().
    > I am calling req.session.save() - one question about that though:
    > Can it possibly cause problems when calling the save() several times
    > when handling one request?
    It shouldn't matter. The session store is locked so only one request can
    read or write at a time. This is the case even if you have session 
    locking turned off, or unlock the session manually.
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