[mod_python] session variable value (partially) dissapearing

Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Tue Mar 27 19:59:48 EST 2007

Detmar Meurers wrote:
> Hi Graham,
> Thanks for the very quick reply.
> The page showing the problem actually is using the publisher handler
> (so no special exception handling etc.)
> I tried the FileSession and the problem occurs there too - and I'm
> not doing any calling of unlock().
> I am calling req.session.save() - one question about that though:
> Can it possibly cause problems when calling the save() several times
> when handling one request?

It shouldn't matter. The session store is locked so only one request can 
read or write at a time. This is the case even if you have session 
locking turned off, or unlock the session manually.


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