[mod_python] UnicodeDecodeError with util.FieldStorage(req).Field.value

Anastasios Hatzis ah at hatzis.de
Mon Jun 25 09:47:55 EDT 2007

On Saturday 23 June 2007, Martin wrote:
> Have seen that Graham has responded now, but a few things need clarifying.
> On 20/06/07, Anastasios Hatzis <ah at hatzis.de> wrote:


Graham, Martin

Thank you for your help. Charsets and encoding is definitely the most 
difficult thing for me in programming. In case of Python I always expect 
encode() to the opposite of what it is actually doing and vice versa. :/

However, the following worked for me:

        email_body = u'\r\n'
        for param in store.list:
            email_body += unicode(param.name, 'utf-8') + ': ' + \                 
			      unicode(param.value, 'utf-8') + '\r\n'

Again, thank you.

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