[mod_python] Experience with installing mod_python on Vista

haynes george hmg_u at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jun 18 13:54:27 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I have finally managed to install mod_python on vista
after 3 days of issues. :)

My configuration is mod_python 3.3.1 , apache 2.2 and
python 2.5.1.

Here are the steps in brief.

1)First and foremost python should be installed for
all users and not just for the current user.

2)Install apache 2.2 normally. Well installing apache
on vista is another days work all together.

3)Under the assumption that you have completed step 2,
download the version of mod_python compatible for your
python version .

4) Open a command prompt in administrator mode (
thanks to UAC in vista, even after being a user with
admin privileges, i donot have write permissions for
C:\Program Files ! )

5)start the mod_python executable to install.

I have to mention one issue with the windows
installer. I tried running the installer in normal
user mode . the final stage in the installation
process is copying the mod_python.so file to the
modules directory in the apache installation. Even
though this copy would fail, no error message was
shown ! 

It would be great if an error message was shown .

i followed the steps given in the mod_python
documentation and set it up . it s working pretty fine


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