[mod_python] req.write() in use by PSP

rhn rhn at o2.pl
Sun Jul 29 13:35:04 EDT 2007


I've run into a problem trying to embed long lasting functions in my .psp files.
As far as I know, the req.write() method sends data directly to the client, with no buffering.

I have the following code:

import time
for i in range(10):
<p>Hello, my name is Joe</p>


I expect it to write the above paragraph in 5-second intervals, but it seems that mod_python waits until the last command executes, then sends the whole content.

Is there any way to reconfigure the psp handler to disable buffering or do I have to rewrite it?

My apache and mod-python config is quite default, handler configuration is exactly the same as in PSP tutorial.

I'm using:
Apache 2.2.4
mod_python 3.3.1
Python 2.5

Other Apache modules are:

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