[mod_python] Install Question

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 18:45:09 EDT 2007

You have provided insufficient information.

On 17/07/07, Jon Wynacht <jwynacht at mac.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've installed mod_python on a number of servers and haven't had any issues until now. When I go to do the sample mptest.py everything seems to run fine and then I get a 404 error.

What do you mean 'seems to run fine and then I get a 404 error'? Do
you mean your desired page appears sometimes but then on other
attempts you get a 404, or do you mean something else?

> The log file output looks like this:
> [Mon Jul 16 14:14:14 2007] [notice] mod_python (pid=11745, interpreter='clam'): Importing module '/web/apache2/htdocs/mptest.py'

But what does the part of your Apache configuration you use to
configure mod_python say? Are you doing it in the main Apache
configuration or are you using a .htaccess file?

> And finally, I can run this simple script:
> def index(req):
>     return "Test successful";

Which is a mod_python.publisher handler not an mptest.py style basic
handler as described in documentation. If you are using publisher
style configuration with a basic handler it isn't likely to work.

> Perms all seem good to go....what am I missing?

Maybe you should go back to square one and follow the following
instructions, instead of what you have been doing now as it may help
you see what you are doing wrong.



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