[mod_python] 3.3 going gold?

Ron Reisor ron at udel.edu
Thu Jan 25 08:24:35 EST 2007

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Graham Dumpleton wrote:

> Marc Boorshtein wrote ..
>> Thanks again for your help.  I've got two last questions:
>> 1. when is 3.3 estimated to go gold?
> There hasn't been a single complaint about 3.3.0b since it was released back
> before Christmas. I don't know whether this is because no one is using it, or
> because it is working out to be so good. The only thing probably stopping it
> from being released as non beta is apathy on our part. ;-)

Lest the group think their efforts are in vain, I'm using mod_python 
3.3.0b every day with great success. I suggest you go ahead with the 

Thanks for mod_python!


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