[mod_python] Help with mod_python, mod_proxy & cookies

Marc Boorshtein mboorshtein at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 22:48:39 EST 2007

> Forgot the second half of the problem. In the same file add:
>   def mycookiefixup(filter):
>     # interrogate req.headers_out, get out cookie headers, change
>     # them and ressign it.
>     filter.pass_on()
> Then in the fixuphandler() have:
>   req.register_output_filter("MYCOOKIEFIXUP", mycookiefixup)
>   req.add_output_filter("MYCOOKIEFIXUP")
> This will register the filter function as an output filter from within
> the handler, allow you to change the cookies on the way back as
> well.

OK, this works ALMOST perfectly.  What about an equivalent to
ReverseProxyPass? I need to be able to handle redirects with cookies
as well.


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