[mod_python] how to run multiple subinterpreters from mod_python

Suresh Lakshmanan suresh.lakshmanan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 09:33:41 EST 2007

Is it possible for mod_python to create new subinterpreter when requests
arrive? I was thinking that mod_python has a configurable pool of python
and it will delegate a request to an interpreter from the pool.

But, it looks like this is not the case. Only one subinterpreter is only
created for a virtual host or directory config according to documentation.
This is
creating problems because the other requests have to wait for a long time
and i get 503 from apache. It will be useful if i have multiple
to which apache can assign requests arbitrarily. I do not maintain state in
any of the interpreters.

iow, how do i scale this to a large number of users. how do i introduce
parallel processing of requests for the same virtual host/directory. at the
moment it looks
like its single threaded.

definitely there should be a way as this is a common problem... can someone
please point me to the solution.

thanks in advance.
"Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will
become stilled in the Self." - Bhagawad Gita
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