[mod_python] session management

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Jan 18 17:11:34 EST 2007

Bob Gailer wrote ..
> I just read the session management topic in the mod_python manual. I 
> wish I understood it and knew how to apply it. Alas I do not.
> Is there any documentation or discussion or complete example that might
> help me? 

What version of mod_python are you using?

There are examples in the mailing list archives, which can be searched from
search box on mod_python web site.

> Should I be looking at Apache documentation?

Not really, mostly internal to mod_python unless you have mod_python 3.3.0b
where session management can be better integrated with Apache authentication
handler phase.

> In addition there are a number of terms I do't know: APR global_mutex,
> MPM, ...?

You don't need to know about global mutex, it is just an implementation
artefact. An MPM is the Apache process/threading model used. See:


The MPMs you will most like encounter are 'prefork', 'worker' and 'winnt'.


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