[mod_python] Request object

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Jan 18 15:55:00 EST 2007

export at hope.cz wrote ..
> Is there a description of request object in details?
> As I browse through some examples I find  that authors uses various request
> methods/objects.
> For example
> req.main
> req.headers_in.get
> req.headers_in
> req.headers_out

Yes, in the documentation on the mod_python web site. See:


These attributes aren't specific to mod_python though and are just the same
attribute as exists within the underlying Apache request_rec attribute. Thus
you can also find out more information about them from any material which
talks about programming with Apache. Note though that since mod_python
provides a wrapper around them, how you may use them may be slightly
different. For example, 'headers_in' is made more dictionary like.

Other sources of information are:

> req.streambuffer

This one is not a mod_python attribute but was being added by the filter.
Ie., in order to transfer information between distinct invocations of the
filter, or even different handler phases, it is possible for user code to add
additional attributes to the request object.


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