[mod_python] sending post data using xmlhttprequest

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Jan 16 16:10:23 EST 2007

Bob Gailer wrote ..
> I'm usung XmlHTTPRequest to send POST data.
> I'm using util.FieldStorage to retrieve it.
> The program returns an html page containing in part:
> <h1>Cannot process request!</h1>
> <p> The server does not support the action requested by the browser.
> I've tried several varieties of post data, all with the same outcome.
> What should XmlHTTPRequest post data look like?
> I tested my server side code by sending post data from an html form, and
> that works OK.

That error page corresponds to:


The question is why you are getting this.

What you need to do in some way is to be able to capture exactly what
is being sent by your browser. Others may be able to suggest simple ways
of doing that, personally I would 'nc' on my platform and run:

  nc -l -p 8888

and then have the browser post the request to:


and see what comes out. By looking at what is posted you can see how it
may be malformed.

If using Apache 2.X another thing you can do is turn on multi lang error
documents. The benefit of doing that is that the default error document
pages will embed in them what is call 'error-notes' from Apache. These
constitute additional information about why an error occurred. It may
indicate under what circumstances the not implemented error is being
produced. You may also find the reason listed in the Apache error log, but
that isn't always the case.


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