[mod_python] Decoding POST requests

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Mon Jan 15 19:54:43 EST 2007

Bob Gailer wrote ..
> I'm getting POST request data from a form using request.read(). I note
> that blanks have been coded as +, + as %2B, etc. etc. How do I decode 
> this? My goal is to use HTTPRequest to send POST data. How do I specify
> the coding? What alternatives are there?  Is there any reference to all
> of this?

What sort of POST request data is it? If it is either of the standard forms:

  multipart/* (eg. multipart/mixed)

you can use the FieldStorage class included with mod_python. See the
documentation for details.

Also look at the parse_qs() functions in documentation as well.

Documentation at:



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