[mod_python] mod_python and sqlite

Richard Lewis richardlewis at fastmail.co.uk
Wed Jan 10 12:28:14 EST 2007

Hi there, 
I'm just trying to use SQLite with mod_python and I'm having a few problems. 
I have a script which responds to the URL "/session" and does this:

from mod_python import apache
import sqlite, datetime
def handler(req):
    # make query_dict from req.parsed_uri[apache.URI_QUERY]
    # <snipped>

    # load the sessions database
    con = sqlite.connect("/abs/path/to/sessions.db")
    cur = con.cursor()

    # select the record for the session
    cur.execute("SELECT * FROM sessions WHERE id=%s" % 

    session = cur.fetchone()

    if int(session[1]) == 0:
        # this means that the session is not in use

        # update the sessions database to set the session as 'in use'
        cur.execute("UPDATE sessions SET in_use=1, name=\"%s\", started=\"%s\" 
WHERE id=%d" % \
                    (query_dict["name"], str(datetime.datetime.now()), 

        # goes on to generate some HTML, etc.

The problem I have is that when I try to execute the SQL UPDATE query, the 
database raises the exception "Database error: unable to open database file". 
I've checked to make sure that I can execute the code correctly from the 
Python interpreter, and I can. 
So I also made sure that Apache has write permission to the database file by 
setting the permissions to rwxrwxrwx! 
Any ideas what may be wrong with this?

Richard Lewis
Sonic Arts Research Archive
JID: ironchicken at jabber.earth.li

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