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On Sun, 7 Jan 2007 16:46:13 +1100
Graham Dumpleton <grahamd at dscpl.com.au> wrote:

> Have forwarded this back to the list. Please keep followups there.
Sorry, I was not aware of that mails from the list does not set
reply-to to list.

> Depending on what you are doing, you might want to look at memcached
> for Python as a way of sharing memory between Apache child processes.
> Alternatively, look at XML-RPC as a way to connect to a long lived
> back end process which contains the true application.
> For even more complicated systems, can also suggest messaging system
> based solutions for communicating with a back end system. These have
> the benefit of not requiring a separate socket connection for each  
> request
> like XML-RPC does. Down the track, if interested in these, let me
> know.
God ideas.
memcached could be an option: pro fast, con looses stat when
apache restarts. This last issue sort of disqualifies it unless there
is a way of making the information persistent?

XML-RPC could be nice: pro very simple protocol and fast, I have
very in-depth knowledge of distributed applications using XML-RPC and
SOAP, con requires a socket for each connection. This last issue, in
theory, could be a problem since the system is supposed to be running
on a firewall - a lot of other active sockets. Then again, I do not
expect zillions of user to the admin interface:-)

Messaging system seems a bit overkill for my application.

To cut it down to a single line - one-liners are great:-)
The XML-RPC solution would be my first objective but if the persistent
problem with memcached has a solution I would prefer this. What is your
opinion to the matter?

PS. I have found a not so good issue with my solution. If an operation
requires both a read and a write it is not guarantied to be atomic.
This will have the effect, should I continue my present solution, that
it requires a separate handler which starts the persistent component in
a thread and stores a reference to this thread in the request
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