[mod_python] matplotlib and mod_python

Rajarshi Guha rguha at indiana.edu
Sun Feb 25 15:58:04 EST 2007

Hi, I have a mod_python based application in which I would like to
generate a chart using matplotlib.

Currently, when I try to call the function that generates the chart I
get a 'HOME not writable' error. I realize why this is happening and so
I modified my apache startup script to export a HOME directory of '/tmp'

When this is done, the chart is generated, but when I try to dump the
chart to a file using:

canvas.print_figure( ... )

the file is always created in /tmp (i.e., the value of HOME), rather
than in the file that I specify (which is in a current directory that is
writable by apache).

Has anybody successfully used matplotlib in a mod_python application, to
actually save a chart to a disk file?

(I realize that one way would be to send back the raw image bytes, but
the image is supposed to be a part of an HTML page, so I can't go down
that path)

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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