[mod_python] Handler return value is rendered in output

David Cooper david.cooper at compucat.com
Tue Feb 13 21:53:42 EST 2007

Hi Guys,


Firstly thanks for reading - I'm a complete newb to mod_python, having
installed it only yesterday.


I have had some success with the provided examples, however I've got
some troubles with the return value of my handlers being rendered in the
output. The following code renders a 0 on the page, which is not what I


--- form.html ---


  <form action="comment.py/comment" method="POST" >

      Comment: <textarea name="comment" rows=4 cols=20></textarea><input



--- comment.py ---


from mod_python import apache

def comment(req, comment):

      return apache.OK


Also, if I return apache.HTTP_NOT_FOUND then I just get a page with 404
rendered at the top. 


Question: Why is my return value being interpreted as text to be
rendered, rather than the signal to the mod_python framework whether
everything's ok or not?


Thanks for any assistance!


Cheers, Dave.


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