[mod_python] in modpython ,how to restrict the upload file size?

Clodoaldo clodoaldo.pinto.neto at gmail.com
Fri Feb 2 09:29:25 EST 2007

2007/2/1, Martijn Moeling <martijn at xs4us.nu>:
> I think we need to write an imput filter which looks for 'POST' requests
> and checks the Content-length from headers_in, at the other hand I found
> this:
> 8<-----------------------------
> I can understand you wanting to reject a request based on input
> content length being larger than a certain amount, but not what
> would be gained from modifying the content length.
> As long as you aren't using mod_python.publisher, you could insert
> into your handler before you use the FieldStorage class a check of
> the req.headers_in["content-length"] field to see if the combined total
> of all form parameters in the POST containing the upload was
> greater than some amount and reject it on that basis. Not sure if
> the req.clength is the same thing as the "content-length" header or
> not.
> Without duplicating what FieldStorage does, can't see how you would
> be able to reject it based on just the file upload part of a multipart
> POST request being larger than a certain size.
> Graham
> 8<-----------------------------
>     Mb=1025*1024
>     if req.headers_in.has_key('content-length'):
>         if int(req.headers_in["content-length"])>Mb and
> req.method=='POST':
>             req.write('Error Filesize exeeded 1MB')
>             req.log_error('filesize to big:
> '+str(req.headers_in['content-length']))
>                 form=util.FieldStorage(req,keep_blank_values=True)
>             return apache.OK
> This works, but the apache.OK terminates the upload with an error
> message, Calling the form=Fieldstorage, make the upload finish and
> properly send the error message to the browser.
> I have just tested this and it works

I tried this in my publisher module upload_fotos.py uploading a 100MB file:

   if req.headers_in.has_key('content-length'):
      if int(req.headers_in['content-length'])> 2097152:
         s = """<html><body>Tamanho maior que 2 MegaBytes</body></html>"""
         return s

It works, but only after the whole file has been uploaded so it is not
a solution.

I also tried an input filter:

    <Directory /var/www/html/carroarodo.com>
       SetHandler mod_python
       PythonHandler ~/_publisher.py
       PythonOption mod_python.importer.path "['~/mod']"
       PythonInputFilter upload_size UPLOADSIZE

$ cat _publisher.py
from mod_python import publisher

def handler(req):
   return publisher.handler(req)

$ cat upload_size.py
from mod_python import apache

def inputfilter(filter):

   filter.req.size_excess = False
   if filter.req.headers_in.has_key('content-length'):
      if int(filter.req.headers_in['content-length'])> 5000: #2097152:
         filter.req.size_excess = True

   filter.req.log_error('size_excess: %s' % filter.req.size_excess)

And in my publisher module:

   if req.method == 'POST':
      if req.size_excess:
         s = """<html><body>Tamanho maior que 2 MegaBytes</body></html>"""
         return s

Again it works but only after the whole file was uploaded. I guess it
is just not possible to block a large file upload before it is
uploaded when using the publisher. Given the very rare lack of
response from the core devs I suppose this post is simple stupid
because I'm using the publisher and I had better give up and try to
not use it for this particular task.

Clodoaldo Pinto Neto

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