[mod_python] mod_python webhosts?

Todd Esposito todd at toddesposito.com
Thu Feb 1 13:12:46 EST 2007

Michiel Sikma wrote:
> Hi everybody. Do any of you know good mod_python webhosts? I'm just 
> getting into mod_python, so I'll only need a very simple one with few 
> resources. It'll be used mainly for testing scripts and figuring out 
> how stuff works while still allowing others to have a look at what I'm 
> doing. So just a small amount of bandwidth would be plenty.
Hello Michiel!


I am a principle in a hosting company, Turtol (www.turtol.com) which may 
be able to help you.  We are a python-heavy shop; most of our tools are 
written in python, and most of our web stuff (our control panel, CMS, 
etc) are based in mod_python.  Please feel free to check us out on the 
web, and/or contact me, and we'll do our best to help with whatever you 


- Todd

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