[mod_python] Wwindows installation of mod_python-3.3.1win32-py2.5-Apache2.0 [signed]

Charles Chambers [c] cchamb2 at cisaz.com
Thu Dec 27 11:47:44 EST 2007

I have Windows XP Home installed on my home/main computer, which serves as a training and educational workstation.

I have a stock Apache 2.2.6 installed on a computer used for education.  All installation  options are default.

I also have ActivePython installed on the same computer.  All installation options are default, except for the program path (it's now at 
c:\program files\python).

The installation of the Apache python module fails (I think) with an error message referencing the copying of:
c:\program files\Python\lib\shutil.py and 
c:\program files\Apache Software Foundation\modules\mod_python.so

The first appears to be present as specified, but the second is not.

I'm only installing it so that I can test, develop, and deploy on the same box for education purposes.

Do I need to worry about the error message on the installer?

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