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On Dec 21, 2007 2:35 AM, Sancar Saran <sancar.saran at evodot.com> wrote:

> Hello again,
> Thanks for response,
> Using google for example "python browser detector" results noting.
> Last week I do head crash to google find someting.

I've dug around looking for this information too.  But apparently, no one
has bothered writing something in python to do this.  So, like most people,
I've hacked together my own browser detection code.

The only time I've needed this hack was to detect if ie7 or less was being
used.  If you want to display png's with a transparent background, you'll
need to use proprietary microsoft attributes in your image tag.

> And download ton's of pdf to learn how to create web sites using python.
> Noting was help. Documentation was pathetic. Everybody foctus to Python
> programming language. No real examples for non "Real" programmers. Every
> document focus to steal C++ programmers using words "how python easy".
> I collect tiny bity information warious web sites to find where is the
> HTTP_USER_AGENT information.

If you want information about this, check this website.


> And
> Frameworks try to put you in their way. I'm still noobie about python and
> then
> they push their way, their terminology. It was totally double alien world.

If you're still new to Python, then I *highly* recommend you learn the
basics of the language  before attempting to write a website (
http://www.diveintopython.org/).  Once you have the basics down, try some
simple CGI stuff first, and then move into a full fledged framework (I
recommend pylons).  http://pylonshq.com/

Pylons is a very loosely coupled web framework with decent documentation.
Beware though, there is a  moderate learning curve associated with pylons.
This is especially true for someone new to Python.

Good luck!

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