[mod_python] Problem with .psp_

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 18:49:44 EST 2007

In the Apache access/error log, what is it saying when trying to
access the .psp_ file?

There should be an indication as to what Apache has matched the URL to
in the file system. With that can tell why configuration may not be


On 21/12/2007, Charles Perreault <muganor at videotron.ca> wrote:
>  Hello,
>  I'm teaching a class on web applications and I want my students to use
> mod_python.  They'll have a couple of assignments during the semester, all
> to be done in python cgi (first assignment, just to get started) and psp.
> I'm now setuping Apache on our Ubuntu 7.10 server (Apache/2.2.4 (Ubuntu)
> mod_python/3.3.1 Python/2.5.1 Server).  All configuration have to be done on
> server / virtual host config, forget the .htaccess (way to much trouble for
> students).
>  My students will program their sites in their home folder (~/public_html).
> I want them to be able to both use mod_python.psp and mod_python.publisher,
> as I'll show them to use the both methods to create web applications.  So
> far, I've easily been able to make both work in the same directory using the
> following configuration (on Debian/Ubuntu httpd.conf is splitted in multiple
> files, allowing to enable/disable modules easily) :
>  userdir.conf
>  ----------------------
>  <IfModule mod_userdir.c>
>         UserDir public_html
>         UserDir disabled root
>         <Directory /home/*/public_html>
>                 AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
>                 Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
> IncludesNoExec
>                 AddHandler mod_python .py .psp .psp_
>                 PythonHandler mod_python.psp | .psp .psp_
>                 PythonHandler mod_python.publisher | .py
>                 PythonDebug On
>         </Directory>
>  </IfModule>
>  So you see I'm trying to assign .psp and .psp_ to mod_python.psp and .py to
> publisher.  So http://localhost/~user/test.py and
> http://localhost/~user/test.psp both work.  However, psp debugging with the
> underscore trick (.psp_) don't work.  I get a 403 forbidden error when I try
> to access http://localhost/~user/test.psp_.
>  Of course, test.psp exists.  From what I read, test.psp_ don't need to
> exist because the psp handler will understand that a debug request was done.
>  But it's not working.  However, if I create a symbolic link to test.psp :
>  ln -s test.psp test.psp_
>  the debug request works.  I get to see the generated PSP-produced python
> code and psp-html source.
>  I must be missing something.  Is there an Apache configuration that could
> be enabled by default that would prevent me to access .psp_ files that don't
> exist, before the mod_python.psp handler could do its magic ?
>  Anyone please can help ?  Thank you,

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