[mod_python] Problem with modules of the same name

S.R.Pardá linux at qbox.es
Thu Dec 20 06:08:34 EST 2007

Hi All,

I'm trying to setup 2 modPython aplications with modpython.psp handler.
ModPython is 3.3 tha comes with ubuntu 7.10.

In both applications I have a module named users.py into the
path /modules inside of the root for the psp pages of the application.

I imported the module in the psp page with:

	import users 

When navigating the pages of each, the pages that loads the users
module, can load any of the modules of the same name, so it displays
users of the other application.

I have tried to use:

	apache.import_module('users' , path='modules') 

But doesn't resolve the problem.

Thank You for your help,

	QBox A.C.

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