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Michael M tactics40 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 14:18:25 EST 2007

> As I recall, files are just one type thing you can store in POST data.
> The distinction is made in parsing, so yes, pretty much anything
> makes that distinction.
> PHP apparently chooses to put them in separate variables, while
> (mod_)python doesn't, and you have to test what each member is
> an instantiation of, mod_python.util.Field (a file) or StringField (a

> You can likely imitate that for tests.
> ...though I get the impression I'm not answering the question you actually

> --Bart

I think at one point I had actually figured that much out (that Field stored
files while StringField had form data),
but in the process of rewriting the part of my system which handles uploaded
files and form data,
I made the silly mistake of forgetting the enc-type, causing me about a day
and a half of frustration, since
mod_python sees everything as a StringField at that point.

I got it working though. Thanks alot.
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