[mod_python] Howto force reload of all modules

hhanke at pdx.edu hhanke at pdx.edu
Fri Aug 31 21:17:25 EDT 2007

> In summary, with mod_python your production box is best used only for
> deployment and not for development. You can only get so far using
> 'import_module()' properly on a production box, sometimes you just
> cant avoid doing a restart. Thus you really need to use a separate
> Apache instance when you are doing development with mod_python if you
> have no ability to restart your production server.

Hi Graham,

thanks for the explanation. I've read the documentation, but as I
said before, I can't use 3.3 yet. It is not only about
developement/production, but also production/production, because
when there is a new version of the software, I do not have any
reasonable way how to run the new code.

Anyway, I understand there is no use in complaining about
something that was fixed already. We just need to push our
admin to install mod_python 3.3 ASAP.

Thank you very much,
Hynek Hanke

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