[mod_python] stumped by inputfilter infinite repeat

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 18:49:18 EDT 2007

Which version of mod_python and Apache are you using?

The Tramline author suspected there existed a problem in mod_python
and/or Apache that caused some issues. They suggest in their
documentation a change that should be made to mod_python, although it
hasn't been done in official releases as it wouldn't seem to be the
correct thing to do. One issue was fixed in filter code in mod_python
in recent versions which may have caused issues, but not the same
change they suggested. They also felt that certain older versions of
Apache may have had some problem.

For some more details see:



On 19/08/07, Ken Manheimer <ken.manheimer at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi, all.  i'm using mod_python with a downloads/uploads handler,
> tramline ( http://infrae.com/products/tramline ) with a content
> management system (plone).  when the tramline input and output filters
> are hooked in (using SetInputFilter and SetOutputFilter) and i visit
> the zope/plone site via a redirect, i get infinite repeated calls to
> the input filter.  (i can observe the this by setting PythonEnablePdb
> - from the perspective of the web browser, no page is returned.)  i
> can provide more details, and realize that this may be a tramline
> problem, but it seems like a behavior that might be familiar to
> mod_python experts, so i thought i'd run it by you all first.
> things like mpinfo and mptest.py work fine.  visiting the regular,
> file-based mockup site yields no problems - only the embedded zope
> site, via a rewrite rule:
>   RewriteRule ^/testbed(.*)
> [L,P]
> (the elaborate VirtualHostRoot stuff is for a zope virtual hosting provision.)
> does any of this sound familiar to anyone?  suggestions about
> debugging it?  (stepping through the input and output filters using
> PythonEnablePdb yields little or no illumination - they just keep
> getting invoked.  i don't know what to look for tracing added to
> importer.py FilterDispatch, which i tried instead of using
> PythonEnablePdb.)
> any help would be appreciated!
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> ken manheimer
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