[mod_python] Encoding problems

S.R.Pardá linux at qbox.es
Fri Aug 3 05:33:40 EDT 2007


I have problems in a *.psp page, where I have code like :

	File xx.psp:

		table = Table()
	File tables.py:

		# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

		class Table:
			def select(self, column, value):
				lowerValue = str(value).lower()
				where = 'WHERE lower(%s) = %s' % (column, lowerValue)


But in expression:  str(value).lower()  
I obtain 3aÑos instead of 3años.

I am considering to change the where line to: where = 'WHERE lower(%s) =
lower(%s)' % (column, value)
In that case it works OK in the postgregsql 8.2 database with UTF-8

But I want to know what I am not doing OK, to avoid future problems with
character codification.

Thank You.

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