[mod_python] Streaming output

Greg Fawcett greg at vig.co.nz
Mon Apr 23 18:33:49 EDT 2007

Hi -

Is there any way to stream output to a request object, instead of using
req.write()? My application has to serve PDF documents (sometimes several
tens of megabytes long). Access to these has to be controlled, and they are
encrypted, so I can't just expose them as normal files to apache. PHP has a
useful function passthru(command) which will run command and stream the
output directly back to the client - is there any equivalent in python?

On a related note, how "direct" is req.write()? I'd hate it to be buffering
the whole PDF up somewhere along the line, before sending it to the client.

Thanks in advance.

Greg Fawcett.
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