[mod_python] popen() and mod_python

Jorey Bump list at joreybump.com
Mon Apr 9 12:56:31 EDT 2007

Jon-Pierre Gentil wrote:
> Sebastien Maret wrote:
>> import os
>> def index(req):
>>    p = os.popen ("/bin/sh", 'w')
>>    p.write ("ls >> log")
>>    p.close ()
>>    f = open("log")
>>    s = f.readlines()
>>    f.close()
>>    return s
>> Although the same kind of script works fine when I run it from the
>> command line, it does not work when I put it on my webserver. The pipe
>> does not seems to be opened. Is it for security reasons? Is there a
>> workaround?
> It looks like you're returning the string instead of using req.write()
> to output the data.  A request handler expects an HTTP code return
> value, not the string output..

That's not true of all handlers. The OP might be using Publisher, which 
only requires a string to be returned.

Try using full paths to all binaries and files. The apache user is 
likely to have a very different environment than your normal user at the 
command line, and there's no guarantee that it won't change beneath your 
feet. Rule out all ambiguity.

Also, you might want to try with something simpler, such as returning 
only the output of ls. In fact, I'm not sure I see the purpose of 
opening /bin/sh here, but maybe you have something else in mind other 
than this example, hopefully not evil. :)

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