[mod_python] Path/address bar contents

Olaf Stein steino at ccri.net
Thu Apr 5 09:37:39 EDT 2007

Hi all,

I have a small app that works like this

Somebody visits the start page


where start is a python file (start.py) and enter() the function that
displays the login html (through templates, etc)

After entering credentials and clicking the login button, I call a function
login() (also in start.py), which checks the credentials and then call
either the function enter() again (if credentials are not good) or function
start() (if credentials are good). Basically function login() does not
create any html output.

The question now is, after logging in and calling start(), the function
executes correctly, but in the browser's address bar it still shows


Instead of


Is this because login() does not create html output and is there anything I
can do so the "correct" path is shown


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