[mod_python] fedora vs ubuntu

Eric Brunson brunson at brunson.com
Fri Sep 29 16:27:26 EDT 2006

marinus van aswegen wrote:
> Hi, i recently upgraded from ubuntu to fc5 i noticed that the config
> setup is very different. before i hit the docs i thought id check to
> see if anyone can give me some pointers thanks
What's to understand?  fc5 has an httpd.conf with an Include directive 
for the conf.d directory, which the Apache documentation states, 
includes all files under it.  It seems pretty straight forward to me, 
but I don't know what a debian configuration looks like. 

Since Jim is obviously familiar with the debian derivatives and I have a 
pretty decent handle on Fedora, why don't you ask something specific and 
we can attempt to answer together.

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