[mod_python] Persist database conn, or pers. variables - where I put them ?

Nic James Ferrier nferrier at tapsellferrier.co.uk
Wed Sep 27 10:06:03 EDT 2006

durumdara <durumdara at gmail.com> writes:

> Terry Macdonald írta:
>> durumdara wrote:
>>> I not fully understand that in this dynamic wwwserver context where I 
>>> can put persist objects.
>>> What I can do to keep my objects in the background ?
>> Use a database
> Hi !
> Sorry, but I don't understand you.
> I cannot store my ODBC connection in a database !

You could use an external connection pool such as sqlrelay.

Many of the advantages of connection pools are to do with tcp latency
which goes away if you have the db on the same box.

You can also create database connections per-python interpreter simply
by using global variables. Then you can use simple checkin/checkout
methods to use them as a pool.

The apache solution is mod_dbd but this isn't available from
mod_python yet.

Nic Ferrier
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