[mod_python] Cookies & mod_rewrite

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Sep 19 16:56:39 EDT 2006

 From memory, you can set req.headers_in and it will go through to
backend via proxy. Give it a try anyway. Simply go:

   req.headers_in['X-MyHeader'] = 'test'

and see if it gets through.


On 19/09/2006, at 11:24 PM, CARTWRIGHT, Guy, GBM wrote:

>> Have you added logging in your authenhandler and know for sure  
>> that it is
> being called?
> Yep, it's definitely being called
>> I am not very good at mod_rewrite, but I read this as you using  
>> mod_rewrite
> to proxy the request
>> through to a backend server. If this is true and your expectation  
>> is that
> the cookie will be passed
>> through to the backend to be used there somehow before perhaps  
>> also being
> sent back to the client,
>> your assumption would be wrong. This is because setting a cookie  
>> in the
> authenhandler is going to be
>> done in the headers_out where only headers_in would be getting  
>> proxied
> through.
>> Is that what you were expecting?
> Yeah, that's what I was expecting or wanted to happen. Is there any  
> way of
> setting a cookie in the handler that can be read by the back-end  
> server?
> Maybe changing headers_in?
> Thanks & reagrds
> Guy
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