[mod_python] how to compile mod_python3.2.10 in the windows, is there something to reference

Nicolas Lehuen nicolas at lehuen.com
Mon Sep 18 02:51:14 EDT 2006


No, the reference is strongly lacking right now, I really need to do
something about this.

1) Here are the requirements :

- For Python 2.3, Visual Studio 6 (only the C++ compiler is required)
- For Python 2.4, Visual Studio .NET 2003 (only the C++ compiler is
- An Apache 2.0 or 2.2 binary installation

I know, the dependency on the Microsoft payware is quite annoying. But then
again, it's nearly the same as when building Python itself. I need to
perform a few experiments with MinGW or the new free Microsoft C++ compiler
in order to get a full free building environment.

2) You then set the APACHESRC environment variable to the root directory of
the Apache Setup. Be careful, if you compile mod_python against an Apache
2.0 distrib, it won't work with an Apache 2.2 distrib, and vice versa.

3) Just cd to the dist directory of your mod_python source directory.

4) Launch build_installer.bat

5) If everything is correctly configured, you should get an installer in the
dist/dist directory.


2006/9/18, yjfuk <yjfuk at 126.com>:
> how to compile mod_python3.2.10 in the windows,is there something to
> reference
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