[mod_python] Bug report: mod_python session hangs linux apache 2.2 .

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Tue Sep 5 02:09:18 EDT 2006

A few things for you to look at and answer.

guo tie wrote ..
> when i use ie or firefox visit the page, i was hanged after output
> 3.2.10

Sprinkle your code with calls to req.log_error() and look at messages in Apache
error log file to find out exactly where it is hanging.

> i think this is the session bug with apache mpm mode, i see somebody else
> have mentioned it .

There are no known issues with the mod_python code related to sessions that
could cause this. It is more likely to be an issue with your code or your
Apache environment. Did you see any strange mod_python warning messages in the
Apache error log at the time that Apache was restarted? What is the Apache
configuration you are using to trigger your handlers? Is your mod_python
application the only one on the box? Does it happen for the very first request
after Apache is restarted or only some time later? Do you have more than once
instance of Apache running?

> i have test them under windows, apache 2.2, i works ok.

On Windows an in memory session database is used and so it works a lot differently
to a UNIX type system where it will try and use a DBM database in /tmp directory.
Have a look in /tmp and see if you can find a file called something like mp_sess.dbm.
What user owns this file? Is that the same user as Apache runs as?


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