[mod_python] Re: errors in default mod_python docs for 3.2.10 publisher setup

Blair P. Houghton blair at houghton.net
Sat Sep 2 19:22:57 EDT 2006

Graham Dumpleton <grahamd at dscpl.com.au>
> All I can say is that we know the documentation is inadequate.

Which I think is a shame.  Python is an excellent language.
mod_python is an obvious way to leverage that.  It should end
up killing the other server-side systems.  But if the documentation
sets the user up for frustrations, it will never happen.

> We have been waiting for a long time for the ASF to setup a
> [mod_python doc] wiki

At whom would I throw my urging for this?

> Anyway, for myself I have given up waiting for the wiki and am
> turning my existing mod_python articles into my own unofficial
> wiki so I can at least more quickly add new stuff.

Good idea.  Got a URL?  I'd be glad to help.  You could make
a tree of unconverted mod_python doc and we could convert them
as we touch them.  Though given the fairly simple nature of
the document, it might not be hard to make a LaTeX-to-wiki
converter for it.  Wasn't someone just asking about parsers?

> In respect of mod_python vs mod_python.publisher, they are actually
> two totally different things. In some respects, mod_python.publisher
> and mod_python.psp should be released as totally separate products
> from the mod_python core.

I'm not sure I follow about the .psp; I thought that was
different from mod_python.  I do get that the "simple" method
set up a user script as the only handler for a directory and that
the publisher is a handler itself that acts to direct requests
to scripts in a file tree on the server.  In fact, if publisher
wasn't goint to come up for me, I was going to write my own.

> That they aren't often causes a lot of
> confusion as people, like yourself, see mod_python.publisher and
> mod_python as one in the same, when in fact mod_python.publisher
> is a higher level interface which is used in a totally different way.

I'd say it's a slightly different way.

> In respect of AddHandler, SetHandler, MultiViews etc, you need to  
> realise
> that mod_python is an extension for Apache. Thus, such things like this
> aren't actually implemented by mod_python but are implemented
> by Apache. To use mod_python properly, you also need to understand
> Apache to some degree and that means also referring to the Apache
> documentation.

Things I'm sure I'd have eventually had to explore as my needs went
deeper, but at the "get me up and running" phase, I want nothing to
do with server internals or the million configurable items that I
could be tweaking.  The shorter and straighter the time from the
download button to the display of "hello, world!" on the browser
screen, the better mod_python will sell.


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